E-Visit Services

Paradise Medical Group

Paradise Medical Group is proud to work with Blue Shield of California to bring you PMG Connect – our new e-visits platform that gives you to access to your doctor via mobile, tablet or desktop.

What is an e-visit service?

It’s an online way to see your PMG care provider like your doctor, a nurse practioner, or physician’s assistant where our care team member evaluates oneo f a number of specific conditions that leads to a diagnosis and treatment of the condition. The e-visit is an online secure communication betweem you and your care provider.

Want to see the doctor?

Choose “video” as the method for your visit. Feeling camera shy? Choose “phone”. Got a busy schedule? Select an available time that’s best for you by choosing “schedule” instead of “as soon as possible”. Receive the treatment you need in a timely, expedient manner. In addition, you have the ability to send your visit results to your primary care physician, if that person is not part of the PMG family.

The following are available services offered through PMG Connect:

  • Virtual office visits
  • Etc. (reach out to PMG/Debbie to confirm the types of services that will be offered)

What if you need a prescription?

If medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

If you’re new to PMG, please contact us to set up your first in-person visit.