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Our History

A History of Outstanding Patient Care

By Lorretta Sarmento, Operation Manager

It is with great pleasure that I have an opportunity to share with you the “History of Paradise Medical Group.”

Paradise Medical Group started as a typical small business story, where people start from the ground up and try to create a successful business, just like the thousands of small businesses that make up our country!

In September 2001 physicians collaborated on a project with a goal of improving medical care and adding convenience for their patients. Among these physicians were:

  • Richard Thorp, M.D.
  • Arthur Brinckerhoff, M.D.
  • Richard Turner, M.D.
  • Susan Mallory, M.D.
  • James Logan, M.D.
  • Jason Vance, M.D.

All of the founders were prominent, well-respected physicians on “The Ridge”.

Their efforts created Paradise Medical Group, a large, well-run medical practice with a vision to be a role model for integrated and coordinated care, to assure quality, access, and affordable care for all to improve the lives of patients, and the health of our community.

Medical Care In Paradise, California

The legacy of excellent primary care has continued through the years as Paradise Medical Group has grown and evolved with the medical needs of the Paradise community.

Recognizing that patients loved the convenience that many of their medical needs could be accomplished through a single office, services include in-office EKG’s, Urinalysis, Vaccinations, Breast Screening, Prostrate Screenings, bone density studies, and more.

The medical staff, guided by a Board of Directors and supported by Administration and Billing Department, continue to strive to provide outstanding healthcare to our community.

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