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Care Coordination

Care Coordination In Paradise, California

A Specialist To Help You Manage Your Health

If you have complicated healthcare needs, our Care Coordination program could be a great help for you. Taking care of your health can be complex. A Care Coordinator is a specialist on our staff whose job is to be aware of all your healthcare needs.

An Extension of Your Doctor’s Care

Your Care Coordinator is an extension of YOUR doctor’s care. Your doctor is still the primary director of your care. The Care Coordinator adds the insight your doctor needs to better care for you and provide the information you and your other healthcare providers need.

Unique Insight into Your Health

Your Paradise Medical Group Care Coordinator has the big picture of your health – and all the necessary details – to help you work on being in optimal health. We work with everyone involved, including your family, to understand your needs and provide the right care at the right time by the right provider.

The goal of the program is to keep you well instead of waiting for a health issue to become more serious. Your Care Coordinator also helps you avoid duplicating services.

A 24/7 Link to Your Physician

Care coordination can help you save time, money and most importantly stay more healthy.

To find out more and see if Care Coordination is appropriate for you, contact us.