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The Best Family Doctor In Paradise

The Best Family Doctor In Paradise

The Best Family Doctor In Paradise

Finding a good family doctor is important. Your family doctor will be with you and your family for your whole lives. Family doctors are trained in all areas of medicine and the scope of their practice encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health. They diagnose and treat chronic and acute health issues. Family doctors can also help prevent health issues before they occur.

Find An Experienced Family Doctor

Paradise Medical Group has two doctors specializing in family medicine. Dr. Jason Vance graduated from Loma Linda University School Of Medicine in 1995. He has been working with patients for over 25 years. Dr. Richard Turner graduated from University of Utah School of Medicine in 1980 and has over 40 years of experience as a family doctor.

Medical Doctor In Paradise

Dr. Jason Vance has been a family doctor for over 25 years.

Medical Doctor In Paradise

Dr. Richard Turner has been a family doctor for over 40 years.

Their patients are supported by Family Nurse Practitioner Shauna Price and Physician Assistant Jessica Wix. 

Family Medicine Doctor In Butte County

Shauna Price is Family Nurse Practitioner.

Jessica Wix, PA-C

Jessica Wix is a Physician Assistant.

An Overall Positive Experience

PMG provides an overall positive experience for patients of all ages. One patient rated his PMG experiences five stars in an online review: “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Vance and am impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. His office is run efficiently and his staff are kind and accommodating.”

When to See your Family Doctor

The Best Family Doctor In Paradise

If you are in the Paradise area, our family doctors can help you with a variety of health issues.

You and your family should plan to see your family doctor at least once a year for a physical exam and routine screening. They can also answer questions and concerns you may have.

You can also see your family doctor for other health issues.

  • Chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, or heart disease.
  • Mental or behavioral health care.
  • Family planning.
  • Minor surgical procedures.
  • Bone and joint care.
  • Ear, nose, and throat issues.

Looking For A Family Doctor In Paradise

Paradise Medical Group in Paradise is a multi-specialty primary care group with physicians specializing in both family medicine and internal medicine. If you have health concerns, Paradise Medical Group is here to help you. If you need an appointment, contact us or call 530/872-6650.

Your family doctor may also refer you to a specialist, if necessary.

Paradise Medical Group

The Adult Medicine Staff at Paradise Medical Group.


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