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Benefits of Flu Shots, Flu Shots in Paradise 

Benefits of Flu Shots, Flu Shots in Paradise 

Benefits of Flu Shots, Flu Shots in Paradise 

What is a Flu Shot? How Does a Flu Shot work? 

A flu shot is a seasonal flu vaccine. The flu vaccine exposes your body to tiny parts of multiple viruses. This exposure triggers an immune response in your body, and your body learns to fight off such viruses when exposed to them in real life. Each year, seasonal flu shots are formulated to protect against influenza viruses known to cause epidemics.  

Should I Get a Flu Shot? 

Image of a person getting a flu shot at a drive thru flu clinic

Paradise Medical Group has a drive thru flu vaccine clinic. The clinic is open to PMG patients, only.

It is recommended that people over 6 months old get an annual flu shot. Some people should not get a flu vaccine—more information can be found on the CDC website.

There are different types of flu shots, including intramuscular and a nasal spray. Paradise Medical group has the high dose flu shot which is reserved for seniors and high-risk individuals. You can get a flu shot at your next Paradise Medical Group appointment or at a PMG drive thru clinic. Season flu shots are also available at local pharmacies, as well. 

If you are ready to schedule your shot, contact us. If you have questions. contact your PMG doctor

If you do get flu-like symptoms, read our previous post on COVID-19 FAQ (frequently asked questions).